Mission and activities

The mission of the Dutch GRADE Network is to disseminate and implement the GRADE approach in the Netherlands and to promote and support the optimal use of GRADE. Target groups are not only guideline developers and systematic reviewers but also include health care professionals and health care policy makers.

Providing training will be the core function. Since 2012 six basic GRADE workshops have been organized (20-25 participants per workshop) and several in-company GRADE workshops. For 2015 we plan to organize at least two regular introductory GRADE workshops, an advanced GRADE workshop and a GRADE for Diagnosis workshop. Other plans include developing a train-the-trainer program (for which we will seek collaboration with the international GRADE working group) and organizing GRADE masterclasses.

In addition, establishing a Network will provide us with an organizational structure to apply for funding for GRADE-related research and a platform to actively disseminate and implement the GRADE approach (e.g. Network members will be asked as collaborators for implementation projects in their institutions or guideline projects, as most Dutch guideline development organizations are represented in this group).

We are planning to launch a Dutch GRADE Network website and to explore ways to offer technical support in using GRADE, ranging from helping people to find the relevant information (e.g. publications, software) to mentorship projects helping organizations to implement GRADE.
The Network has no dedicated funding. The Network Core members (see below), however, commit themselves to ensure that at least one of their staff members can spend time for performing GRADE activities.

After the first year we will evaluate the functioning of the Network by assessing whether the following targets have been achieved:

  • having organised at least three workshops (at least 25 people trained);
  • initiatives undertaken to start a Train_the_Trainer programme;
  • a functioning website.