Membership and Governance

Any healthcare or guideline development institute or company can become member of the Network. There will be two types of members: Core members and Interested members. Core members commit themselves to provide staff time to be spent to GRADE activities (e.g. providing training and support, conducting research, dissemination or implementation activities). Interested members are not required to provide active input (committed staff time), but participate as sounding board and are interested in being kept up to date about GRADE developments.
The Network will be overseen by a Network Guidance Group formed by representatives of the Core members. Selection of representatives is at the discretion of the Core member Institute. The following individuals (Core members) will form the Network Guidance Group:

  • Ton Kuijpers (NHG)
  • Miranda Langendam (AMC)
  • Hans de Beer (Guide2Guidance)
  • Mariska Tuut (PROVA)
  • Rob Scholten (DCC)
  • Annefloor van Enst (Knowledge Institute Medical Specialists)
  • Marleen Hermens (Trimbos Institute)
  • Olga van der Hel (IKNL)

Interested members are the following institutes: KCE, NVK and National Health Care Institute. In the Appendix all individual members are listed

The Core members will choose two co-convenors from their midst. Ton Kuijpers (NHG) and Miranda Langendam (AMC) will act as the first two co-convenors. Co-convenors will be appointed for a period of two years. A co-convenor can serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms. To ensure continuity, the two co-convenors will alternate.